How to find White Truffle of the kind Tuber Magnatum

This requires a well trained dog, to know and discovers unmistakable aroma of Tuber Magnatum.

Features of the area:

Chemical composition of the soil, the presence of marl, moderate limestone content, low content of phosphorus and nitrogen, rich in potassium, with a pH between 6.8-8.5, also a low content of organic substances.

Environment: moderate slope, near a river, a downward direction in the gully of the river, to retain moisture in the upper layers even in the dry summer months.

The average depth of this kind is 30-40cm.

Climate: The ventilated place. The average depth of this kind is 30-40cm.





































Storage of white truffle: a refrigerator at +2 degrees, each truffle should be carefully turn in paper, then placed in a closed box. Maximum shelf life in fresh appearance two days. After this period, the white truffle loses flavor and starts to darken. This reduces several times its market price!

Price: Current market price, you can get after contact us.

This is the most difficult type to detect truffles, respectively, and the most expensive and highly valuable species!

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