How to get a dog for truffles hunting?

To solve this question has two main options:

The first option is to buy and train their own dog.

The second is to buy an already trained dog.

At the first opportunity you will need: time, patience, investments in food, fragrance training, vaccines, walking and training in the forest .... Of course there is no guarantee that you will get the desired rezulatat. This option is preferred by people confident in their capabilities not want a quick result of hunting truffles.

More interesting is the second option, namely the purchase of sniffer dogs. On the Internet there are many ads of people selling dogs trained to hunt truffles. The problem here is in fact a very small percentage of dogs sold in this way meet the skills and the price you want the seller. You should know that most dogs sold thus rezulatat from a selection made by the hunter to renew their litter. The dogs with the best results, most concentrated work, as long working he leaves for himself and those who have drawbacks, he plans to replace them. Usually this is done through advertisement on the Internet or any forum for selling dog trained to hunt truffles. Always they have left one or two dogs, everyone else is already sold!

Regarding the demonstration of skills: Usually it is not conducted in a real forest and hide several truffles that dog on command opens ... This is not a real demonstration and most dog is affected by human scent and follows it. The demonstration should be carried out under real conditions in a real forest where truffles grow and are not placed in advance. If the owner is a true seeker of truffles must know someone close to his raoyn grove and there you may hold the demonstration.

Another important factor when choosing a dog is at work. Dog trained two weeks will almost always find 3-4 truffle demonstration. The most valid description of the dog hunter is his time to work. Well-trained dogs CONCENTRATED work without interruption for several hours after wearied replaced by "second shift of the trunk" A few important things you should know when choosing a dog trained to hunt truffles:

Regarding the Owner / Seller /

1. How long has truffle hunter?

2. What results is the owner / seller /?

3. How many dogs have to hunt for sale (in general)?

4. Why is what sells dog?

5. Do you have the right to choose from among the other dogs?

6. Where sells truffles found?

7. All qualities truffles you buy?

8. What are the purchase prices for the past period?

Regarding the dog:

1. How long have you train and what Results showed?

2. How much time working dog without a break?

3. Parents Were seekers?

4. Mother litter Was powered truffle paste?

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