How to properly identify the species of intentions truffle?

Proper definition intentions variety of truffle us, we must know the main varieties of truffles. In the world we have known about 100 varieties of truffles, but here I will offer only prevalent in Europe varieties.

Variety truffles conditionally divided into three main groups: Black, red and white truffles.

I. Black Truffles


1. Summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum vitt.). This is the most common variety in Bulgaria. Ripening from May to October. Valued from chefs around the world, is widely used in cooking, consumed fresh for flavoring, canned, paste, etc.

There is market value.

Other names: Scorzone, Sommer trüffel, Truffle of Saint-Jean


tuber_uncinatum2. Burgundy truffle (Tuber Uncinatum vitt.) Also very common variety black truffle in Bulgaria, ripens from late September to early February. He is a very close relative of the summer truffle, the difference is that the interior of Tuber uncinatum is brownish in color, while the summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) has recently white tamper core with white veins.

There is market value.

Other names: Grey truffle, Truffe de Bourgogne, Burgundertrüffel


truber_mesentericum3. Bagnoli truffle (Tuber mesentericum) This variety black truffle is not widespread in Bulgaria, but also a very close relative of the summer truffle (T.Aestivum). Its core is brown with white veins. It is characterized by strong and intense aroma of phenol or bitumen smell so strong that it can even be troublesome. Grow in symbiosis with oak, beech, birch, linden. Ripens from early September until the end of January.

There is limited use

Other names: Bitumen truffel, Truffe de Meuse, Tartufo mesenterico.



tuber_macrosporum4. Garlic truffle (Tuber macrosporum) It is characterized by strong garlic flavor similar to Tuber magnatum. Its surface is dark and smooth, without warts. Its core is dark brown with white veins. Ripens from September to December. In Bulgaria is rare.

There is limited use.

Other names: Smooth truffle


Други имена: Smooth truffle


tuber_brumale5.  Winter truffle (Tuber brumale) or black winter truffle outside is black-brown in color, slightly dotted with warts core is gray with thick whitish veins. He is a very close relative of the French black truffle (Périgord) taste and aroma, making this variety highly appreciated. Ripens from early November to late March.

There is market value.

Other names: Violet truffel, Musky truffel, Tartufo fetido, Trufla zimowa, Keme


Tuber_melanosporum6. French black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) or often called Périgord truffle. The interior is purple, inlaid with well defined thin white veins. When cutting, the inside turns red after contact with air. It grows in hilly raoyni in symbiosis with hazelnut and oak trees. Ripens from December to March. Best quality truffles are harvested in February.

There is market value.

Other names: Truffle of Norcia, Black truffle, Echte Scwarze trüffel, French truffle, Périgord truffle


tuber_indicum7.  Chinese truffle (Tuber indicum) Under the name "Chinese truffles" sell 3-4 varieties of truffles are: Tuber sinense, Tuber indicum and Tuber himalayense. The common thing between these types is that they all have tough skin, dark textured "skin" their heart is dark and have very little white veins. All these species are similar to the Tuber melanosporum, but their scent is much weaker. 95% percent of Chinese truffles come from Yunnan (50%), Sichuan (35%) and Tibet (10%). It's very cheap truffle, sold in large quantities throughout the world.

There is market value.

Other names: Zhong guo kuai jun, Chinesische Schwarze Trüffel



II. White Truffles


tuber_magnatum1. Italian white truffle (Tuber Magnatum pico) It is the most appreciated truffle variety. It is also known as truffles from Alba or Piedmont, because these areas are very rich in this kind of truffle, but can also be found in other regions of Eastern Europe. This variety has a smooth velvety soft surface color of pale ocher, its core gray-brown to pink with white veins. Characteristic of this variety is the strong garlic flavor. Ripens from early October to late December. Extraction in Bulgaria in large quantities of this precious species. Often confused with Transylvania white truffle (Choiromyces meandriformis), which is more common in Bulgaria.

There is market value.

Other names: Violet truffel, Musky truffel, Tartufo fetido, Trufla zimowa


Choiromyces_meandriformis2. Transylvanian white truffle (Choiromyces meandriformis) His fame dates from the late 19th century, when collected and sold to the royal court in Vienna. It occurs mainly in pine forests at high altitude (600-1100m), ripening from July to September. This is one of the most delicious varieties of truffles in our region. This type can retain the aroma and taste just dried. Gastronomic its distribution is very limited. Often confused with Tuber magnatum, differ in shape, color shell, its core rather dirty white, not gray-brown (pink) as at T.magnatum, its aroma is far weaker.

There is limited use.

Other names: Mäandertrüffel, Schweinetrüffel.

Tuber_borchii3. Whitish Truffle (Tuber borchii) The appearance strongly resembles that of Tuber magnatum. It has a smooth casing, white and darkens when ripe. Also its core first is white, but the latter becomes darker. The main thing that distinguishes this variety of truffle Tuber magnatum, is its flavor. At first the smell is nice and pleasant, but then becomes strong garlic. It grows in limestone areas, especially in coniferous forests. Ripens from January to the end of March.

There is a great demand.

Other names: Bianchetto, Cercuse truffle, Tuscany white truffle, Marzuolo.

III. Red Truffles

Melanogaster_variegatus1. Red Truffle (Melanogaster variegatus) The surface of this variety truffle is smooth and no warts, its core is a characteristic black table with dark spori razdeleni of Letcani with whitish walls. It grows in symbiosis with beech. The flavor and aroma of this variety is a mixture of well-known berries. Ripens from July to October.

There is limited use.

Other names: Red truffle

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