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Fresh truffles

Extra Grade

Use for cutting front of the client

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Fresh truffles

A Grade

used for decorating dishes cut slice

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Fresh truffles

B Grade

used for decorating dishes chopped

A Grade

A-grade fresh black summer truffles, include truffles with regular shape, weight between 15g and 200 grams/ above 3cm in diameter/, can have broken, cut and scratch truffles maximum 30%Our customers c..


Fresh black winter truffle Tuber Brumale vitt.A-Grade fresh black winter truffles, includes  truffle weighing between 7 to 100 grams, there may be injuries chips and scratches.We deliver our fresh tru..


A-Grade fresh white truffles type Tuber Borchii vitt., Includes truffles with regular shape, weighing above 7g, chips and scratches are acceptable.We deliver our fresh truffles in special high-quality..


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