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Fresh truffles

Extra Grade

Use for cutting front of the client

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Fresh truffles

A Grade

used for decorating dishes cut slice

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Fresh truffles

B Grade

used for decorating dishes chopped

Extra Quality

Extra quality fresh black summer truffles, include truffles with regular shape, whole, weight between 20 and 300grams /above 3cm in diameter/ without broken, cut or scratch truffles.Our customers can ..


Fresh black winter truffle of the type Tuber Brumale vitt.Extra quality fresh black winter truffles, includes truffles weighing more than 10 to 200 grams without injuries chips and scratches.We delive..


Extra quality fresh white truffles type Tuber Borchii vitt., Includes truffles with regular shape, weighing above 10g, chips and scratches are unacceptable.We deliver our fresh truffles in special hig..


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